Human Performance Technology – The Rebirth of Instructional Technology

AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology), c.q. terminology committee, in 1994 came up with a definition about instructional technology as “the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning”.  In some debates, instructional technology term is often referred to as a part of educational technology. But, some other cases, instructional technology is explained similar to educational technology.

In Indonesia, the terminology between education and instruction has a wide distance of comprehensive meaning. Education covers a broader field that instruction, especially in educational system. So, while instructional technology covers the processes and systems of learning and instruction, educational technology includes other systems used in the process of developing human capability.

Instructional technology, even a lot of indonesian people say ‘flying below the radar’, has contributed in improving educational services. The aim, goals, and objectives of our education has been successfully delivered to our students trough high quality inovation in instructional system design and media of learning. Although in this time, instructional technology still leave a problem about delivering educational services to a whole area of Indonesia, especially in the farthest regions.

In industry, instructional technology has a rapid growth of inovation, particularly in improving human capability to do their duties. Instructional technology grows contemporary of inovation from many other disciplines, such as total quality management, process improvement, behavioral psychology, instructional system design, organizational development, and human resources management. The combination of that rapid growth has been known in industry as a Human Performance Technology.

The International Society for Performance Improvement defines HPT as “a systematic approach to improving productivity and competence, uses a set of methods and procedures — and a strategy for solving problems — for realizing opportunities related to the performance of people. More specific, it is a process of selection, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of programs to most cost-effectively influence human behavior and accomplishment. It is a systematic combination of three fundamental processes: performance analysis, cause analysis, and intervention selection, and can be applied to individuals, small groups, and large organizations.” (ISPI, 2012)

HPT focuses on how to improve human capability, as well as, to improve the quality of organization. In the field of industry, the grade of human development index is always contemporary same of the quality of industry. That is what exactly the goverment has to be doing to improve not just the goal of education, but also the quality of education services. Human Performance Technology has a bright chance to help our education system quality, and has a good impact for our human development index furtherly.

If our country would integrate HPT to education process, the first thing that the government to do is to integrate instructional technology in our educational system.


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